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The surprises begin.......

Long haul flights and the perils of requesting upgrades!

Michael experienced a mighty surprise party on his 40th birthday- seemingly he was the only person in Geraldton who didn't know! The look on his face was priceless!

So coming up to his 45th birthday, I decided to do it again, but with a trip this time!

Last August I set the plans in motion, some of it would be tricky to arrange, and I needed to pull a few strings, rely on a few acquaintances I'd met, and see if my cheery personality was indeed memorable! I also needed to give myself a pay rise, so I could actually pull it off! Lucky my boss was supportive, and played the game!

So sneaky bookings, sneaky phone calls, sneaky research and it was all coming together slowly.

It was awesome until that one morning, a couple of months ago when my dearly beloved decided he'd not seen any Qantas emails for a while, much less knew how many points he'd accumulated. ( I'd redirected his account to mine!) so he logged in, saw a flight to London, and then Lyon (France) and decided to email me a screen shot with the comment "guess what I just saw!" The words out of my mouth were all short four lettered ones........now this is where my husband proves he knows me......he immediately called me and announced that we were clearly going to Lyon, and Fat Duck for his birthday. Smart ass. He was right of course! BUT that's not all I had planned, so I'm happy for small mercies and he's clueless about the rest of the trip!

So here, you'll get to find out not long after he does about each adventure I've planned!

So far, we left Geraldton last night, and headed to Sydney. There was a security breach at Perth so alarms went off for 45 minutes, planes weren't unloaded and we just sat in the lounge....watching it all unfold!

We got to sleep and rest at the hotel beside the international Sydney airport for a few hours this morning before we board our flight this afternoon to London, then our train to Lyon, which will occur over the next 30 hours, but by 6pm Thursday WA time, we will arrive in Lyon!

I have booked premium economy, with the hope of a business upgrade........lesson here is not to book during school holidays as we missed out......I'm slightly devastated, but Jack believes they didn't see my message, and has insisted several times i just tell them they've made a mistake. I will survive, although all dearly beloved has said today is how awful the night flight was to Sydney, and doesn't think he can do it again.....poor soul!!!

The flight to London is delayed by 2 hours.....they gave us $60 vouchers for food, so Jack now has $60 worth of Toblerone, Tim Tams and Kit Kats.......enough to last him until we get home!

We are minutes away from departing the lounge, with the nice Sauvignon Blanc and heading to board!

Buckle up and enjoy the ride! I'm hoping Mick does too!

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